1. Encourage and support all Haitian self-help efforts in the rebuilding and renewal of Haiti, i.e., rescue missions, fundraising, etc. Self-help is the vehicle for Haitian dignity and full autonomy as a nation.
2. Begin intensive public relations program to change Haiti's image in world mind (historical data).
3. Begin work on Civic education program focusing on "rebirth" of the Haitian consciousness.

4. Leadership influence: Influence a new Haitian consciousness.

5. Begin work immediately with grassroots organizations.

6. Begin contact and work with other South American countries to develop a model for a new Haiti.
7. Encourage return of Haitian educated class to assist in process.
8. Site visit 3-6 months to access readiness for re-education program.
9. Maintain contact with grassroots organizations; gather information related to direction populace would like to see new Haiti take.
10. Immediate campaign to reinforce traditional values of communal living and cooperation. 

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