When Denis decides to run from Port-au-Prince, even he is not sure the fake passport will take him to New York City. For eleven years hes been leader of the Engagés, a secret society fighting the Militia for the return of the city, and stop Cut Heads Burn Homes. Days before Denis and his troops launch the final attack, one of their top three men is assassinated and the Militia delegate local thugs after Denis, who must run to save skin. Soon, Denis finds saving skin in New York places far more obstacles than fighting the Port-au-Prince Militia, and returning home seems far
beyond the hurdles. He becomes an uncomfortable guest in the home of Steve and wife Elizabeth with strong ethics on illegal immigration, Denis is simply not welcomed. It becomes obvious, Steve has problems of his own, a collapsing marriage and the unattainable quest for a baby. Elizabeth hates Denis influence on Steve who is suddenly interested in his culture. The couples marital cup runs dry when arguments climax the police intervene. Steve is badly beaten. Elizabeth blames Denis for Steves extra-marital affair and turns him over to the INS.